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Program in Public Health

By offering specialties in Public Health and Management, Community and Reproductive Health, Urban and Global Health, Environmental and Occupational Health, the trimester-based Program provides a variety of types and duration of study to respond to students’ needs as follow:

Master of Public Health
In-house Program:
Plan A1: 1-year study, 36 credits (Thesis only) 1583
Plan A2: 1-year study, 36 credits (Course work and Thesis) 1584
Learning at the Workplace (LWP):
Plan A2: 1.5 to 2-year study, 36 credits (Course work and Thesis) 1584

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health
Scheme 1.1: 2-year study, 48 credits (Dissertation only) 1585
Scheme 2.1: 3-year study, 48 credits (Course work and Dissertation) 1587
Scheme 1.2: 3.5-year study, 72 credits (Dissertation only, Master’s and Ph.D. Program) 1586
Scheme 2.2: 4-year study, 72 credits (Course work and Dissertation, Master’s and Ph.D. Program) 1588