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On behalf of the College, we would like to thank you for your interest in our curriculum We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to join our Program in the Second Se/ Trimester, academic year 2017

 Announcement List of New Student1st Trimester Academic Years 2017


Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Program: Non Coursework Program (Ph.D.N) (Open Trimester on August  15,2017)

1  Mr.Milan Raj Sigdel 
2  Ms.Chatsuda  Mata
3  Mr.Suman Raj Adhikari 
4  Mr.Zahid Ali Memon
5 Ms.Hlaing Htaik Hta Khin

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health:  Coursework Program  (Ph.D.C) (Open Trimester on August15,2017)

1 Mr.Nghiep Leke  
2 Ms.Nipaporn Nopnob  
3 Mr.Jianjun Lui
4 Ms.Nusaree  Siripath  
5 Ms.Nithinan  Mahawan 
6 Ms.Salila  Cetthakrikul
7 Ms.Tassanapan  Weschasat 
8 Ms.Pataraporn  Yubonpunt
9 Ms.Patchamol Masukul  
10 Ms.Ning Li
11 Mr.Nguyen Minh Duc
12 Ms.Soe Myat Ye Mon Thien
13 Ms.Yu Wang
14 Mr.Paolo Vicerra
15 Ms.ThinZar Aung
16 Mr.Sai Nyan Lin Tun
17 Mr.Myo Min 
18 Mr.Zwe Wunna
19 Mrs.Kyawt Thazin Oo
20 Ms.Milint  Wintrasiri
21 Ms.Natsupa   Archong
22 Mrs.Pattama   Somsill
23 Ms.Romnalin   Thonglor
24 Mr.Thutchanut  Phantra
25 Mrs. Usa Iamlaor
26 Ms.Warapree   Tangseefa (Need to Submitted Additional Document before)

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences: Non Coursework Program (Ph.D.Sc.N) (Open Trimester on August 15,2017)

1 Ms.Boonyarat Chaleephay 
2 Mr.Adisak Sumalee (Need to Submitted Additional Document before)

Master of Sciences Program: Non Coursework Program (M.Sc.) (Open Trimester on August 15,2017)

 1 Mrs. Lovrita Anastasia Rotinsulu
2 Ms.Pimyot Vipoosanapat
3 Ms.Ploychat Chamnanthongpiwan
4 Ms.Fjolla Berani
5 Mr.Thaninrath  Suwannathada (Need to Submitted Additional Document before)

Master of Public Health: In-house Program (M.P.H) 1/2016  (Open Trimester on August 15,2017)

1 Ms.Naowarat Apichainan
2 Mr.Akhlaque Hussain   
3 Mr.Kyaw Win 
4 Ms.Onsiri Pitisutithum 
5 Ms.Wipapee Songsaeng 
6 Ms.Olanda Goh
7 Mr.Zhuang  Liu 
8 Ms.Mathudara  Phaiyarom
9 Ms.Watchalawalee Romyen
10 Ms.Shuvashis Saha
11 Mr.Mohammad Monjurul Karim 
12 Mr.Wahyu Manggala Putra
13 Ms.Khairatus Shabah
14 Ms.Quynh Xuan Nguyen Troung
15 Mr.Kyaw Myint Myat Thien 
16 Mr.Aryu Kyaw
17 Mr.Aung Myo Htet
18 Ms.Htet Su Kyi 
19 Ms.Myat Thwe
20 Mrs.Zar Zar Naing
21 Ms.Khin Wai Wai Htun
22 Mr.Sai Nay Min Shein
23 Ms.Shwe Sabai Thein
24 Mr.Chan Hein Tun
25 Mr.Kyaw Min Thu
26 Mr.So Lin Thu 
27 Mr.Soe May Tun
28 Mr.Yan Naing Min (Need to Submitted Additional Document before)
29 Mr.Sa Aung Hein
30 Mr.Ashari Priyadi 
31 Ms.Ernestina Gyamfuah (Need to Submitted Additional Document before)
32 Mrs.Sadikchya Singh Rana
33 Mr.Aung Phyo Oo
34 Ms.Ei Phyu Htwe
35 Ms.Nan Ei Moh Moh Kyi
36 Mr.Parishan Shrestha (Need to Submitted Additional Document before)
37 Ms.Sandi  Tun
38 Ms.Sirinthip  Amornsuradech
39 Ms.Sunisa Namsawai 
40 Mr. Takahiro   Agari 
41 Ms.Thet Su San
42 Ms.Trang Dinh
43 Mr.Yotsanon  Sikkhajan
44 Mr.Win Zaw

Master of Public Health: Learning at the Workplace Program: 2/2017  (Open Trimester on December 15,2017)


All new students are Invited to join the Orientation Program on August 1-2, 2017

*some List of  successful applicant with mark (*) because of English condition /Transcript /Passport /Scholarship Letter
Please urgently  contact academic administrator:

Tel: (66) 2 218-8193 (Mr. Poohmerat)

Please check your Spelling and Confirm attendance via email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Registration schedule and admission process will update on this page soon.