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On behalf of the College, we would like to thank you for your interest in our curriculum We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to join our Program in the Second Se/ Trimester, academic year 2017

 Announcement List of New Student 2nd Trimester Academic Years 2017


Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Program: Non Coursework Program (Ph.D.N) (Open Trimester on December 12,2017)

1 Mr.Jamil Ahmed
2 Mr.Jawad Akram
3 LT.Col Nilapa Sukcharoen
4 Ms.Numpueng Prachyakoon
5 Mr. Muhammad  Shafique
6 Mrs.Stellea Ifeoma  Okarfor (Pending - Need to Submitted Additional Document before)

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health:  Coursework Program  (Ph.D.C) (Open Trimester on December 12,2017)

1 *Mr.Chaowoot Singkaew  (Pending - Need to Submitted Additional Document before)
2 *Mr.Krittidech Mingmai (Pending - Need to Submitted Additional Document before)
3 Ms. Moh Moh  Hlaing 
4 *Ms.Nunthipa Keawleelawan (Pending - Need to Submitted Additional Document before)
5 Mr. Romulo Nieva, Jr
6 Mr.S.A.M Ashik-Ur-Rahman
7 Mr.Thanon Warisnaratorn
8 Ms.Yoshiko Abe
9 *Mr.Sudkhed Detpetukyon (Pending - Need to Submitted Additional Document before)

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences: Non Coursework Program (Ph.D.Sc.N) (Open Semester on January  3,2018)

1 Mrs. Dwi Hartanti
2 Ms.Pawinee Sachjaharuthai

Master of Sciences Program: Non Coursework Program (M.Sc.) (Open Semester on January  3,2018)


Master of Public Health:  Learning at the Workplace Program (LWP) 2/2017  (Open Trimester on December 12,2017)

1 Ms.Bhakkhaphorn Boonranasuntikul 
2 *Ms.Marisa Tangkhamnerd (Pending - Need to Submitted Additional Document before)
3 Mr. Naing Bobo Min
4 Ms.Rajashri Singh 
5 Ms.Sabai Tun
6 Ms.Suchada Sukhsam
7 Ms.Thayika  Khongnaluek 
8 Ms. Kaylee  Marie Knowles
9 Mr.Gaurab Acharya
10 Ms.Suphasuta Doungraksa
11 Mr.Yuanpei Chen
12 Ms.Dian Putri
13 Mr.Denny Saptono Fahrurodzi 

Master of Public Health:In-house Program (M.P.H): 1/2018  (Open Trimester on August 14,2018)

 1  Mr.Ardyansyah Arthin
 2  Ms.Uliem Lilian
3  Ms.Sehreen Jahangir

All new students are Invited to join the Orientation Program on November 28-29, 2017
*Acceptance Letter and First Registeration Detail will email to all sucessfull Applicant within October
**Result of Admission can holding 1 years  only -incase you wanna change period of study to 2018 pls contact  academic administrator ASAP
    for we can re-arrange admission period on you acceptance letter

*some List of  successful applicant with mark (*) or Pending  because of English condition /Transcript /Passport /Scholarship Letter
Please urgently  contact academic administrator:

Tel: (66) 2 218-8193 (Mr. Poohmerat)

Please check your Spelling and Confirm attendance via email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Registration schedule and admission process will update on this page soon.