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On behalf of the College, we would like to thank you for your interest in our curriculum We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to join our Program in the Second Se/ Trimester, academic year 2018

 Announcement List of New Student 1st Trimester Academic Years 2018


Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Program: Non Coursework Program (Ph.D.N) (Open Trimester on August14,2018)

1 Mr.Jamil Ahmed
2 Mr.Jawad Akram
3 Mr.Satya Narayan Yadav
4 Mr.Ye Hein Naing
5 Ms.Titaporn Luangwilai
6 Mr.Min Htike
7 Ms.Moh Moh Hlaing
8 Mr.Kyi Tar
9 Ms.Sililak Muangprasong

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health:  Coursework Program  (Ph.D.C) (Open Trimester on August14,2018)

1 Mr.Myo Minn Oo (Scheme 2.2)
2 Mr.Bumi Zulheri Herman (Scheme 2.2)
3 *Mr.Sudkhed Detpetukyon (Pending - Need to Submitted Additional Document before August 2018)
4 Ms.Kay Khine Aye Mauk (Pending - Need to Submitted Additional Document before)
5 Ms.Poulami Dasgupta
6 Ms.Kyi Kyi Hlyan Win
7 Mr.Sai Nyan Lin Tun
8 Ms.Soe Myat Yee Mon Thein
9 Mr.Tin Hlaing Min
10 Ms.Phitchada Detboon

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences: Non Coursework Program (Ph.D.Sc.N) (Open Semester on August14,2018)

1 Ms.Pawinee Sachjaharuthai
2 Mr.Enruei Chang

Master of Sciences Program: Non Coursework Program (M.Sc.) (Open Semester on August14,2018)

 1  Ms.Hay Mar Htun
 2.  Ms.Ploychat Chamnanthongpiwan

Master of Public Health:In-house Program (M.P.H): 1/2018  (Open Trimester on August 14,2018)

1 Han Min Htet Aung
2 Shwe Lin Htet
3 Nanda Win
4 Zin Mar Kyi
5 Thurein Win
6 Hein Htoo Aung
7 Toe Than Tun
8 Kyaw Thura
9 Nway Nway Paing
10 Kyaw Htun Naing
11 Myo Thant Zin
12 Kyi Thar Loon
13 Phyo Wai Minn
14 Htet Htet Khine
15 Phoo Ngon Win
16 Poe Eindra Thant
17 Tun Tun Naing
18 Khin Nyein Myat
19 Zar Ni Thaung
20 Mon Mon Su Naing
21 Naw Wah Ka Paw
22 Tin Hlaing Min
23 Alice Jar Rein Aung
24 Poe Ei Khet
25 Aung Kyaw Htoon
26 Aye Kyawt Paing
27 Thae Hsu Wai
28 Phyo Wai Htun
29 Kaung Nyein Aye
30 Maw Poe Myar
31 Htet Wai Aung
32 Sai Nay Min Shein
33 Aung Than Oo
34 Thazin La
35 Aye Aye Myint
36 Aye Nyein Ei
37 Lwin Phone Myat
38 Zor Ni Htun
39 Min Htike
40 Hnin Akari
41 Mr.Ardyansyah Arthin
42 Ms.Uliem Lilian
43 Ms.Sehreen Jahangir
44 Ms.Kanokrat Paitool
45  Ms.Pankeaw Tantirattanakulchai
46  Mr.Saranratch Chanprakhon
47  Ms.Rasee Govindani
48  Ms.Sinegugu Katenga
49  Mr.Htet Myat Aung
50  Ms.Aye Chan Oo
51  Mr.Vu Toan Thinh
52 Mrs. Kazi Sabina Arju
53  Mr. Robin Mothey
54  Mr.Denny Saptono Fahrurodzi
55 Mr.Muang Muang Kyaw
56 Ms. Qin Cai
57 Mr.Tassana Thammaros
58 Mr.Keshav Dahal
59 Mrs.Menna okok Ojulu
60 Ms.Sania Hassani
61 Mr.Nyawel Ayul Emmanuel Awakey
62 Mrs.Esther Akol
63 Mr.Keshab Rijal

Master of Public Health:  Learning at the Workplace Program (LWP) 2/2018  (Open Trimester on December,2018)

 1  Mrs Bobby Rawal
 Mr.Kittituch Orisoon

All new students are Invited to join the Orientation Program on July 25-26, 2018
*Acceptance Letter and First Registeration Detail will email to all sucessfull Applicant within October
**Result of Admission can holding 1 years  only -incase you wanna change period of study to 2019 pls contact  academic administrator ASAP
    for we can re-arrange admission period on you acceptance letter

*some List of  successful applicant with mark (*) or Pending  because of English condition /Transcript /Passport /Scholarship Letter
Please urgently  contact academic administrator:

Tel: (66) 2 218-8193 (Mr. Poohmerat)

Please check your Spelling and Confirm attendance via email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Registration schedule and admission process will update on this page soon.