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On behalf of the College, we would like to thank you for your interest in our curriculum We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to join our Program in the 2nd Se/ Trimester, the academic year 2021
As the forthcoming academic year is scheduled to start December 7, 2021, Completed First Registration & Payment on November 24, 2021.
All new Ph.D.Sc. students are invited to join the Online Orientation Program on November 23, 2021.

 Announcement List of New Student 2nd Trimester Academic Years 2021

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Program: Non-Coursework Program (Ph.D.N) (Open Trimester on December 7, 2021)

Wanthanee Jirachananont
2 Kanchan Thapa
3 Kitti  Siriwattana

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health:  Coursework Program  (Ph.D.C) (Open Trimester on December 7, 2021)

1 Alvera Noviyani                 
2 Nuntachit Chaiyasit
3 Kamonthip Doungjan
4 Chonnatee Rodsawang
5 Tay Za Kyi Win
6 Belayneh Fentahun Shibesh  

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences: Non-Coursework Program (Ph.D.Sc.N) (Open Trimester on January 10, 2022)

 1  Khin Yadana Hlaing

Master of Sciences Program: Non-Coursework Program (M.Sc.) (Open Trimester on January 10, 2022)


Master of Public Health:In-house Program (M.P.H) : 2/2021 (Open Trimester on December 7, 2021)

 1 Agustina Putri Kintan Arini
2 Dian Islamiati
3 Novena Dameria Pakpahan
4 Hastomo Angrosidy
5 Niang Aung
6 Su Yamone
7 Phyo  Yadanar
8 Pradevi Milafitri Farista  Ananto
9 Ghina Nur Afra
10 May Thazin
11 Myat Phone Htoo
12 Suha Ibrahim


First Registration Schedule (Update October 19,2021)

** Acceptance Letter for Visa will be sent directly to Student mail within June, 2020


Nov 22,2021

New Student Download Application  CUNEX & KPlus  at Play Store & App Store / Find Student ID number

CUNEX  Application
Play Store:
App Store:

KPlus Application

New Student Download First Registration tutorial Document at
Find Student ID Number 
(CPHS will be sent password through personal email within November 22, 2021)

*CUNEX Application must be activated by link account with KBank before payment
Student must  open an account with
1.Certify Student Status letter from CPHS (received when attending orientation program)
2.3 Copy  of Passport & Original Passport

Nov 22,2021

First Register online at
Completed 3 Step of  First Register Online Session 
 1.CR 19  2.CR 20

3.Upload Necessary Document
  • Academic Transcript, Certificate
  • Passport or (Thai citizen ID Card & Household Record – only for Thai Citizen)
  • Picture (White Background 2inch Size)

Registration Problem  please contact Chula HQ Staff  6622180006
Missing / Inc0mpleted  upload  Document be the cause of getting student ID Card  late

 Nov 17,2021

Orientation Program at College of Public Health Sciences Chulalongkorn University by Zoom Conference

Nov 24,2021

Course Registration by following  Menu Course Sequences on CPHS Website or Follow
All online Register EN-2021 Tutorial attached via email

e will be setting zoom teleconference workshop  for facilitate new student

Nov 24-28,2021

First Payment by Application  CUNEX  only / International Student Transfer within November 14, 2021
Foe Student who can't install CUNEX use Transfer system all  the tuition fee must be transferred to
CPHS account before the deadline -(Pls email transfer  document confirm you payment at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dec 9, 2021

Open Semester

Dec 17, 2021

Late First Registration and Late Course Enrollment   Student who Can’t registration on time or Cant Fulfill first Payment on time
must be reregistered again with late fee of 300-600-1200 thb within the first week (each Registration)

 Dec 20, 2021

Received New Student ID Card at K-bank Siam Square Branch only who stay at Thailand


As Schedule above you will see that the registration period start early Student must decide by the situation below
1. Completed first register/enrollment online and attend Orientation Program by  Zoom
2. Completed first register/enrollment online / Payment Online and attend Orientation Program 
 (Make sure that’s Transferring must be Completed within  November 14, 2021)

Transferring Account ( please scan slip of transferring to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Account Name  : College of Public Health Sciences - Education
Account Number 038-2-48917-4 (Saving A/C)
Bank : The Siam Commercial Bank (Public) Co.Ltd.
Branch : Siam Square
Address : 222/1-7,244 Siam Square Soi 1, Phyathai Road,Pathumwan,Bangkok,10300,Thailand


3. Even Completed all Process but Tuition fee Transferring cant Finished on time by November 14, 2021.A student must reregister on (4) and paid the late fee
4. Completed first register/enrollment online and decided to Completed payment when open trimester (December 9-17,2021) redo all late enrollment with Late fee 1200 thb
     In case you fly to Thailand CPHS Support staff will facilitate your registration  at Computer room 11th floor and bring you to open an account
5.Scholarship Awardee must be paid for first registration. In case of late announcement result, Then Graduated School will be reimbursed within the first semester

*Acceptance Letter  will email to all successful Applicant within Oct 25, 2021
*Scholarship must be submitted within Oct 28, 2021

(Student must submit additional Document on time incorrect format for the secure Scholarship Opportunity )

**Result of Admission can be holding 1 year only -in case you wanna change the period of study to 2022 
pls contact the academic administrator ASAP for we can re-arrange the admission period on your acceptance letter


1. Successful Applicant need to secure their accepted position
as soon as possible via email by October 25, 2021
Otherwise, your position will be reallocated to the next qualified applicant


2.The link below is Orientation Attendance Report

*some List of successful applicant with mark (*) or Pending  because of English condition /Transcript /Passport /Scholarship Letter
Please urgently  contact academic administrator:

Tel: (66) 2 218-8193 (Mr. Poohmerat)

Please check your Spelling and Confirm attendance via email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Registration schedule and admission process will update on this page soon.