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Apply now Until  April 30, 2019,..

Get chance to study at one of Top 50 (#44) in Asian University international ranked University, Chulalongkorn University Thailand for Master’s and Ph.D.’s Program in Public Health & Public Ref(


The College of Public Health Sciences (CPHS), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand is very pleased to announce the offering of the international graduate studies: Master’s and Ph.D.’s degree programs in Public Health/ Public Health an related field of study belowed:

• Public Health Management
• Community and Reproductive Health
• Urban and Global Health
• Environmental and Occupational Health
• Health Behavior
• Zoonoses in Public Health 
• Herbal Sciences
• Biomolecular Technology

We offer Thesis research grant 20,000 baht per person supporting by chulalongkorn university
Subsidies 10,000 baht on Field Study aboard in Asian region Free 5-7 day field study in Thailand
non charge for proposal and thesis exam fee

Admission Deadline
March 29,2019 /April 30,2019/October 4,2019

April 9-10,2019 /May 3,2019/October 8,2019

Orientation Program
July 23-24 ,2019 / November 27-28 ,2019
First Registration and Orientation Program 
(First Registration payment must pay by cash only)Open trimester 

Announce Scholarship Awardee

 September 1,2019 / January 15,2020
Student need to prepare for 1st semester and get reimbursement after Scholarship announce


Apply Online (Now -Until Mar 29,2019)

*Download Application form (Now -Until May 5,2017)