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College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University. are pleased for interview you to ensure that your qualification is appropriate with our College. After review of your application, the Admission Committee are very interested in interviewing you for admitted to The College of Public Health Sciences and skype interview *(skypename:chulacphs)
(Telephone :+6622517042) on April 3-4 ,2018 Master's Degree Program (April 3,2018) / PhD Program (April 4.2018)  @ Institute Building 3 (9.00-16.00hr),Chulalongkorn University
*LWP Applicant will be interview by Schedule of 2/2018 Admsiion


List of Interview


•Master of Public Health Program (April 3,2018)
Morning Session (9.00-12.00hr)
1.Ms.Phuttharawadee Suwanwong
2.Ms.Kanokrat Paitool
3.Ms.Pankeaw Tantirattanakulchai
4.Mr.Saranratch Chanprakhon
5.Ms.Rasee Govindani
6.Ms.Sinegugu Katenga
7.Mr.Htet Myat Aung
8.Ms.Chan Hui En Abigail
9.Mr.Vu Toan Thinh
10.Ms.Aye Chan Oo
11.Ms.Sophie Groeneveld
12.Mrs.Kazi Sasina Arju
13.Mrs Bobby Rawal (LWP Program)
14.Mr.Kittituch Orisoon


•Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Program
(April 4,2018)
1.Ms.Kyi Kyi Hlyan Win
2.Ms.Phitchada Detboon
3.Mr.Apichet Jumnaensuk
4.Ms.Pimpitcha Kangyang
5.Mr.Satya Narayan Yadav
6.Mrs.Poulami Dasgupta
7.Ms.Titaporn Luangwilai
 8.Mr.Bumi Zulheri Herman


•Master of Sciences Program (April 3,2018)
 Morning Session (9.00-11.00hr)
1.Ms. Ploychat Chamnanthongpiwan


•Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences Program
(April 3,2018)
 Morning Session (9.00-11.00hr)
 1.Mr.Enruei Chang 

Capitation Fee (for all students) & Tuition Fee (for non Thai citizen) payment methods & Bill payment forms to be paid at any branch of SCB Bank

The College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for The  Call for Papers for the 16th International Conference of Public Health Sciences"Universal Health Care Coverage". The Public Health Sciences Conference will be held on  October 4,2016 at Narai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.