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College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University. are pleased for interview you to ensure that your qualification is appropriate with our College. After review of your application, the Admission Committee are very interested in interviewing you for admitted to The College of Public Health Sciences and skype interview *(skypename:chulacphs) (Telephone :+6622517042) on April 4, 2017 (MPH) April 5,2017 (PhD) April 10,2017(Sciences) @ Institute Building 3 (9.00-16.00hr),Chulalongkorn University
*LWP Applicant will be interview by Schedule of 2/2017 Admsiion


List of Interview


•Master of Public Health Program (April 4,2017)
Morning Session (9.00-12.00hr)
1.Mr.Zhuang  Liu(Campus Interview)
2.Ms.Nuttika  Keawkhampa (Campus Interview)
3.Mrs.Panjarut  Laisuwannachart (Campus Interview)
4.Ms.Mathudara  Phaiyarom (Campus Interview)
5.Ms.Ratanakorn Thanawang (Campus Interview)
6.Ms.Watchalawalee Romyen (Campus Interview)
7.Ms.Shuvashis Saha (Skype/Telphone Interview)
8.Mr.Mohammad Monjurul Karim (Skype/Telphone Interview)
9.Ms.Muniba Khan (Skype/Telphone Interview)
10.Mrs.Shiuli Das (Skype/Telphone Interview)
11.Mr.Wahyu Manggala Putra (Skype/Telphone Interview)
12.Ms.Khairatus Shabah (Skype/Telphone Interview)
13.Ms.Quynh Xuan Nguyen Troung (Skype/Telphone Interview)
14.Mr.Manthar Ali Mallah (Skype/Telphone Interview)
15.Mr.Kyaw Myint Myat Thien (Campus Interview)
Afternoon  Session (13.00-16.00hr)
16.Mr.Aryu Kyaw (Skype/Telphone Interview)
17.Mr.Aung Myo Htet (Skype/Telphone Interview)
18.Ms.Htet Su Kyi (Skype/Telphone Interview)
19.Ms.Myat Thwe (Skype/Telphone Interview)
20.Mrs.Zar Zar Naing (Skype/Telphone Interview)
21.Ms.Khin Wai Wai Htun (Skype/Telphone Interview)
22.Mr.Sai Nay Min Shein (Skype/Telphone Interview)
23.Ms.Shwe Sabai Thein (Skype/Telphone Interview)
24.Mr.Chan Hein Tun (Skype/Telphone Interview)
25.Mr.Kyaw Min Thu (Skype/Telphone Interview)
26.Mr.So Lin Thu (Skype/Telphone Interview)
27.Mr.Soe May Tun (Skype/Telphone Interview)
28.Mr.Yan Naing Min (Skype/Telphone Interview)
29.Mr.Sa Aung Hein (Skype/Telphone Interview)


•Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Program (April 5,2017)
Morning Session (9.00-12.00hr)
1.Ms.Phatchaya  Nakhirunkanok (Campus Interview)
2.Ms.Nusaree  Siripath (Campus Interview)
3.Ms.Nithinan  Mahawan (Campus Interview)
4.Ms.Salila  Cetthakrikul (Campus Interview)
5.Mr.Anan  Iftikhal (Campus Interview)
6.Ms.Chatsuda  Mata (Campus Interview)
7.Ms.Tassanapan  Weschasat (Campus Interview)
8.Ms.Pataraporn  Yubonpunt (Campus Interview)
9.Ms.Penprapa Sutumma (Campus Interview)
10.Ms.Patchamol Masukul (Campus Interview)
11.Mr.Suman Raj Adhikari (Campus Interview)
12.Ms.Ning Li (Campus Interview)
13.Mr.Nguyen Minh Duc (Campus Interview)
Afternoon  Session (13.00-16.00hr)
14.Ms.Soe Myat Ye Mon Thien (Skype/Telphone Interview)
15.Ms.Yu Wang (Skype/Telphone Interview)
16.Mr.Paolo Vicerra (Skype/Telphone Interview)
17.Mr.Sai Nyan Lin Tun (Skype/Telphone Interview)
18.Ms.ThinZar Aung (Skype/Telphone Interview)
19.Mr.Myo Min (Skype/Telphone Interview)
20.Mr.ZWe Wunna (Skype/Telphone Interview)
21.Mr.Zahid Ali Memon (Skype/Telphone Interview)
22.Ms.Muniba Khan (Skype/Telphone Interview)
23.Ms.Tayyab Razzi Rathore (Skype/Telphone Interview)
24.Mrs.Kyawt Thazin Oo (Skype/Telphone Interview)


•Master of Sciences Program (April 10,2017)
 Morning Session (9.00-12.00hr)
 1.Ms.Kamolchanok Somjai (Campus Interview)
2.Ms.Pimyot Vipoosanapat (Campus Interview)
3.Ms.Ploychat Chamnanthongpiwan (Campus Interview)
4.Ms.Ernestina Gyamfuah (Skype/Telphone Interview)
5.Ms.Fjolla Berani (Skype/Telphone Interview)
6.Mrs.Lovrita Anastasia Rotinsulu (Skype/Telphone Interview)
7.Ms.Bhakkhaphorn Booranasuntikul(Pending)


•Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences Program
(April 10,2017)
Morning Session (9.00-12.00hr)
 1. Ms.Milint Wintrasiri (Campus Interview)
 2.Ms.Boonyarat Chaleephay (Campus Interview)
 3.Mr.Adisak Sumalee (Campus Interview)