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The Future is Now!! Come join the Global Health Network with US 

An interested person with good command of English and master's degree in a related field/bachelor's degree in any field can apply for admission.
from Now to Deadline on March 31,2024
@ Campus or zoom or Skype Interview                                                                                          

1st Intake of 2024: March 31, 2024 (1st Round) - April 30,2024 (2nd Round)
                                for attending Interviews on
                                April 9-10, 2024 (1st Round) - May 14-15, 2024 (2nd Round)

2nd Intake of 2023: September 30, 2024 
 for attending the Interview on October 8-9, 2024

2024 Schedule!!
**Caution!! The Scholarship submission period (April 20, 1 2024) starts During /After CPHS announces the list of Applicant who pass the interview All of the early applications & applicants who not on our list will be automatically denied 




1.>> Download and submitted with all Application Material
via email/ Post Mail - Interview Period on Mar/April/Oct
(All year apply)

Upload CPHS Application form and All Application Material
(All year apply) Applicant must use Gmail address to register


(Online system from HQ Register only when you Pass Interview)

4.>>   Download Brochures (PDF)



   *(Application fee (M.P.H.-M.Sc. : 500 thb / Ph.D./Ph.D.Sc. : 1,000 thb)

** Please note that CPHS will only contact applicants who successfully pass the initial screening of documents for an interview appointment

Prompt Respond for Q&A



     Line:                               WeChat: wxid_eloo1na5769x22

Due to The very limited of Scholarship support with overwhelm of applicant.
Feel free to test you eligible in scholarship competitive here 

2/2024 Schedule!!   


Download Curriculum Outline

To gain a thorough insight into the proposed course during the requested study leave or in collaboration with a workplace scholarship,
prospective applicants are encouraged to review the detailed curriculum and study plan.
Access the document for download below to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the academic offering.

  Master of Public Health in Public Health (2024)
  Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (2024)
  Master of Science in Public Health Sciences (2024)
  Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences (2024)

*According to the new policy implemented by Chulalongkorn University, the College of Public Health Sciences (CPHS) may provide a scholarship of 30-50%to a limited number of seats. This opportunity is available only to eligible applicants who possess a high GPA, English proficiency, and research/publication experience. It is important to note that meeting the criteria does not guarantee a 100% scholarship offer.

Engaging in this endeavor marks the commencement of a challenging journey within a highly competitive academic landscape encompassing the entire university.
The success rate for obtaining a scholarship is approximately 25-30%. It is worth mentioning that, similar to other universities in Thailand,
Chulalongkorn University adheres to an austerity policy, which means that full support is not guaranteed until the policy is revised.

Please be aware that CPHS will only consider applicants for scholarships after they have successfully passed the faculty interview.
If an applicant attempts to apply for a scholarship without first gaining admission to the program, their email will not receive any response.