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General Description of Student and Researcher Activities:

Chemical technology is the knowledge related to chemical sciences and multidisciplinary applications. This field is important for science and health sciences in design and development of detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases based on modern chemical tools and technologies in conjunction with knowledge from various fields. For example, the design and development of bioactive chemicals lead to the development of medicines in the future. Design of chemical probes is used for the study of molecular biology problems. The development of biologics relies on structural modifications of biomolecules using chemical approaches.

In addition, biomolecular technology is a life science that is one of the most important fields in biological sciences in the 21st century. The science of molecular biology in this new era which combines with computer science. It transforms purely lab-based science to information science. Recently, the research of this science can apply a variety of benefits to the country's economic development. For example, benefits in medical uses, genomic information, genomics and proteomics of microbes, plants, animals and humans contribute to new discoveries. This leads to creation of new knowledge which is beneficial to the work of researchers around the world to build on the research with understanding about the mechanism of disease.


Examples of Projects:

Chemical and Biomolecular Technology in Health Sciences