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We are living in a time of extraordinary change, and such times offer extraordinary opportunities for those willing to participate in the rapidly evolving dynamics of how we do business. Learning to interact constructively with people who think and behave differently from us is crucial. King Chulalongkorn understood this, working tirelessly, campaigning for the reform necessary to transform Thailand into a modern nation. Today, at the College of Public Health Sciences, we strive to continue his standard of excellence and his conviction that only by working together in cooperative partnerships will the world be more prosperous.


Technology, as important as it is, will never take the place of person to person interaction at the heart of the helping professions. In the College of Public Health Sciences, this interaction evolves from the intellectual capital of our faculty, combining organized research with graduate education of health professionals. This combination, with student and stakeholder participation and input, creates a fundamental catalyst for a dynamic, integrated and comprehensive program. It is a program that develops a multi-disciplinary knowledge base for decision making, that provides improved education of public health manpower dealing with changing environments, and that enables better services to meet the needs of stakeholders and those less fortunate.


The principle objective of the College is to ensure the most effective, efficient and equitable improvement of public health possible at the local, national and international levels in order to help create a better world for everyone. The skills and knowledge that we offer and share with one another have valuable and broad applications in a wide range of careers. Above all, it is essential to love what we do, and always follow our moral compass. Wherever we go from here, everything we do will contribute to a more humane and secure world. And so, we welcome all who seek knowledge and the improvement of mankind to join us.






Professor Sathirakorn Pongpanich, Ph.D.


The College of Public Health Sciences,

Chulalongkorn University

Bangkok, Thailand