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Community Assessment and Reproductive Health focuses on two important subjects as mentioned in the program title. The program prepares students with an in-depth understanding and field practices on community assessment, problem identification in term of community health needs and reproductive health problems


About Program
The program is designed to provide an understanding of community health and reproductive health and population issues as well as the knowledge necessary for understanding community health needs and reproductive health interventions. The program will also explore and examine community, national and global challenges relating to the social, cultural and economic context influencing community health and reproductive health.


This program is a combination of 2 subjects, Community Assessment and Reproductive Health.

  1. Community Assessment consists of Basic Concepts of Community, Community Structure, How to Approach Community, Community Mapping, Social Mapping, Social and Cultural Characteristic of the Community , Community Participatory Appraisal, Community Assessment, and Prioritization of Community Problems.
  2. The Reproductive Health is composed of Introduction and Enhancing Access to Reproductive Health, Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health, Adolescent Health, Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion, Preventing HIV/AIDS in Young People, Cancer of Reproductive system, and Aging Care.


By the end of the course student are expected to be able to conduct assessment in the studied communities and to gain understanding and analyzing reproductive health situations/problems in the studied communities and its solutions for enhancing access to reproductive health care services.