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Find your programme
The first step to applying for a master’s programme is finding the perfect one. Search programmes for the next application round under Programmes. You can also search for programmes directly at website ( Programme listings are also offered directly at the curriculum code table below.
Curriculum Code:
Public Health Program:
(Degree granted: Master of Public Health Program in Public Health & Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Health)
Master of Public Health [MPH]
• 3507: Plan A1: 1-year study, 36 credits (Thesis only)
• 3508: Plan A2: 1-year study, 36 credits (Coursework and Thesis)
• 3508: Plan A2: 1.5 to 2-year study, 36 credits (Coursework and Thesis – Distance Learning) * LWP Program
Doctor of Philosophy of Public Health [Ph.D.]
• 3509: Scheme 1.1: 2-year study, 48 credits (Dissertation only)
 3511: Scheme 2.1: 3-year study, 48 credits (Course work and Dissertation)
• 3510: Scheme 1.2: 4-year study, 72 credits (Dissertation only, for Bachelor Degree with Honors)
• 3512: Scheme 2.2: 3.5-year study, 72 credits (Course work and Dissertation, for Bachelor Degree with Honors) 
Field of Study
• Health policy and management
• Community and reproductive health
• Urban and global health
• Environment and occupational health
• Health Behavior

Public Health Sciences Program:

(Degree granted: Master of Science Program in Public Health Sciences & Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Health Sciences)
Master of Science Program in Public Health Sciences [M.Sc.]
• 3501: Plan A1: 2-year study, 36 credits (Thesis only)
• 3502: Plan A2: 2-year study, 36 credits (Coursework and Thesis)
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Health Sciences [Ph.D.Sc]
• 3503: Scheme 1.1: 3-year study, 48 credits (Dissertation only)
• 3505: Scheme 2.1: 3-year study, 48 credits (Course work and Dissertation)
• 3504: Scheme 1.2: 5-year study, 72 credits (Dissertation only; for Bachelor Degree with Honors)
• 3506: Scheme 2.2: 5-year study, 72 credits (Course work and Dissertation; for Bachelor Degree with Honors)
Field of Study
• Public Health Sciences



Check entry requirements and deadlines
Each programme is subject to general entry requirements and programme-specific entry requirements. Once you’ve decided on the programmes you’d like to apply for, check both sets of guidelines to determine your eligibility. And also check relevant application dates and deadlines for the upcoming semester.

Degree requirement
Master’s Degree Program:
Application should have a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in every field.
TOEFL / Computer-based 450 / 133, IELTS 4.0, CU-TEP* > 45 (Minimum 30)


Doctor of Philosophy Program:
An application should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (or equivalent) in a related field. ** English Language Skill **
TOEFL / Computer-based 525 / 197, IELTS 5.5, CU-TEP* > 67 (Minimum 45)

** Applicants who come from a country where English mother language and Countries with English as an Official Language,
Applicants who got a scholarship from any funding Agency, Applicants who have a previous degree taught in English approve by OCSC are exempted from admission English test. **


Admission Deadline

Academic year  1st/2022: March 30, 2022 /April 30,2022
(Open trimester  August 9, 2022 )
2nd/2021 : October 4, 2021 
(Open trimester:December 7, 2021/๋January 10,2022)




Apply at CPHS
Applications are made through the portal, an application service where you can apply for up to four different programmes with one application.

The application will include the following:



Completed Application Document
The application and uploaded electronic documents will be submitted directly to the Office of Admissions via a secure, online process. Your submissions are considered to be official documents. Do not send paper copies of electronic documents. Below is a list of all application materials that may be required by the program to which you are applying.
Application Documents Checklist:
  • Application form (print out)
  • Statement of purpose and area(s) of interest (1 page)
  • Three recent 2x2 inch photograph ( white Background)
  • A copy of transcript record for your Bachelor’s degree and/or any higher degree(s) obtained (certificate/transcript/grade-sheet) from your previous university.
  • Report of English test score
    - IELTS
    - TOEFL
    - Scholarship Recommendation Letter
    - English Testimonial Letter
  • A copy of your identification document (passport/ Thai identification card).
  • Concept paper (Only for Doctoral Degree program)
  • Application fee - payment slip



After your written application has been submitted and reviewed, you may be invited to interview.

An interview day: 2nd Trimester Academic year 2/2021:   :9.00-16.00 hr GMAT+7 (December 7, 2021/๋January 10,2022)

Schedule Interview Date:
 Academic year 2022: (Open trimester August 9, 2022)
Master Degree Program April 5, 2022 / May 4,2022  
Doctoral Degree Program April 6, 2021/May 4,2022  
 Academic year 2_2021: (Open trimester August 13, 2021)
Master Degree Program October 12,2021  
Doctoral Degree Program October 13,2021  

** Fast track interview can be requested for an applicant who can fulfill all admission requirement only **




Acceptance Process
Orientation Program:
 1st Trimester Academic year 2021: July 19 2022
2nd Trimester Academic year 2020: November 23, 2021 (Public Health) - December 16,2021 (Public Health Sciences)


First Registration and Orientation Program : (First Registration payment must pay by cash only):

To be announce ...


Open trimester:
 1st Trimester Academic year 2022: August 9, 2022
2nd  Trimester Academic year 2021: December 7, 2021/๋January 10,2022

** Fast track interview : CPHS will contact for special interview within 7 day **


Student Visa:
Foreign international u graduate students are required to apply for a non-immigrant student visa at the Royal Thai embassy in their country. Once a student has been accepted to the College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University will issue the student A Letter of Acceptance, which must be submitted with their visa application. When the visa is issued, it will be for three months.


The student must then apply for a visa extension with the assistance of the Academic Affair where the student is registered before the visa expiration date.


The Office of International Affairs will also assist in these matters. For further details, visit the Thai Immigration Bureau website, .




Welcome to CPHS
Once you’ve been accepted to a programme and your residence permit has been processed, check out our guide to living in Bangkok for information on how to prepare for your stay. We can also offer advice on accommodation.