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General Description of Student and Researcher Activities:

At present, the health industry, both regional and global, is expanding rapidly. This is because today's global society is fully digitalized. The lifestyle of the people changes with the times. Health-related businesses or activities, caring for the complete happiness of holistic health including physical, emotional, intellectual and social, have become increasingly popular and interested. As a result, public sector, private sector, small entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in large businesses as well as consumers are turning their attention to innovative and wellness products, and services. In addition, herbal pharmaceutical products in many groups are increasing such as Food and Beverage, Vitamins and Supplements, Active Nutrition, Nutrition Technology, Athleisure and Connected Apparel, Sleep, Mental Wellness, Beauty and Personal Care, Travel and Hospitality, Feminine Care, Functional Health and e-Commerce. Therefore, the presence of innovation and health sciences is significant to support the changes in today's society which respond to the health market.   


Examples of Projects:

Innovative health sciences and wellness