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College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University. are pleased for an interview you to ensure that your qualification is appropriate with our College. After review of your application, the Admission Committee are very interested in interviewing you for an admitted interview on October 11-12,2022   (GMAT +7 Setting Time)  at  the College of Public Health Sciences Chulalongkorn University or Zoom system   by the link below (Allow only applicant  by COVID - 19 Situation) 
Please add Group LINE Cooperate link to contact Staff Directly @ :






 **Applicant Need to login system 20 Minute before Queue
 Start with the report your queue number and name /Program Applying to Selection Committee
Example 1. ( No 1: Lizz Srisuwan  Apply for MPH Program)
Example 2. ( No 2: Desy Liana Apply for Ph.D.  Program)

October  11,2022 (M.P.H)

Topic: Admission Interview (MPH )

Time: October 11, 2022 9:00 AM Bangkok Time zone GMT+7

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 995 9055 8416

Password 123456

List of Interview  


Curriculum  - Name         



1  MPH  Maliha Nawrin  Bangladesh  9.00-9.15
2  MPH  Khine Zar Zar Thet  Myanmar  9.15-9.30
3  MPH  Wei Chen  China  9.30-9.45
4  MPH

 Cherry Thet

Myanmar  9.45-10.00
5  MPH Min Thant Thaw Myanmar  10.00-10.15
6  MPH  Thaw Oo Shein  Myanmar  10.15-10.30
7 MPH Zenithesa Gifta - Nadirini Indonesia 10.30-10.45
8 MPH Luohe, Liesha China 10.45-11.00
9 MPH Win Tun Myanmar 11.00-11.15
10 MPH

Ei Ei Hmue Khin

Myanmar 11.15-11.30
11 MPH Eaintthiri-Tun Myanmar 11.30-11.45
12 MPH Ye Htet Aung Myanmar 11.45-12.00
13 MPH Arkar Min Khant Myanmar 13.00-13.15
 14  MPH  Khaing Pwint Phu Maung  Myanmar  13.15-13.30
 15  MPH  Yoon Shwe Yee Hlaing  Myanmar  13.30-13.45
16 MPH Minn Khant Nyunt Myanmar 13.45-14.00

Some of the applicant's red  lists may cant interviewed because of an incomplete document - in case of the Applicant cant resubmit on time we will cut name from list


October  12,2022 (Ph.D.) + Present Concept Paper 

 **Applicant Need to login system 30 Minute before Queue
 Start with the report your queue number and name /Program Applying to Selection Committee
Example 1.( No 1 : Swarnamala Kantipudi  Apply for Ph.D. Course work Program)
Example 2.( No 2: Femi Adesina Apply for Ph.D. Non Course work Program)
(Ph.D. must Present Concept paper 15 Minute - last 5 Minute is Q&A - Interview Session )

Topic: Admission Interview (PHD.  in Public Health & PHDSC in Public Health Sciences)

Time: October 12, 2022, 9:00 -16.00 hr  Bangkok Time Zone

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 951 6782 5339

Password: 123456


Curriculum  - Name        




Ph.D.  Friscilla Hermayrisca  Indonesia  9.00-9.20


Ph.D.  Tanyarat Jeenheng (Skip to 11.40)  Thailand  9.20-9.40


Ph.D.  Patchanee Tungjan  Thailand  9.40-10.00


Ph.D. Nguyen Thi Nga  Vietnam  10.00-10.20
5 Ph.D. Vu Duc Thao Vietnam  10.20-10.40


Ph.D. Sanjeev Neupane Vietnam  10.40-11.00
 7  Ph.D.  Win Lei Phyu  Myanmar  11.00-11.20
8 Ph.D.Sc Natchakhunporn Praditpruk Thailand  11.20-11.40
2 Ph.D. Tanyarat Jeenheng Thailand 11.40-12.00


Some of the applicant's red  lists may cant interview  because of an incompleted document - in case Applicant cant resubmitted on time we will cut name from the list




October XX, 2022 (MSc & Ph.D.Sc.)

Topic: Admission Interview (M.Sc & PHDSc. in Public Health Sciences)

Time: October XX, 2022 15:00Hr Bangkok Time Zone


Meeting ID: 

Password: 123456


 Queue  Curriculum  Name  Country  Time









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