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The Era of Health focus & Wellness raising after COVID-19 Passed. When The World back focused on Good Health, everyone realizes the effect of epidemiology related toAll Their life & business, Cannabis, and Herbal Science Products be the Top CREAM for startups to step up to millionaires, Wellness in the workplace became a Big issueof trade unions close to wages. All People care about what they & their children eat. The Mental health issue hit a high rate of suicide, Young Generation Shoutingabout Pollution & Global Warming, and All Governments talking about Health Policy – Health Care Coverage to their people. All Health Products & Tourist Medicine is wayto rich as Croesus of new entrepreneurs – All CSR relates to How to make Our world better, The New Marketing is about green products Aiming for a positive Corporate ImageDive into the Blue Ocean of millions of Opportunities for a brightening Future together

*The Scholarship is reserved for only eligible. Who can do more we expected
**Non-charge for proposal and thesis exam fee by lumpsum system


The College of Public Health Sciences (CPHS), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand is very pleased to announce the offering of international graduate studies:Master’s and Ph.D.’s degree programs in Public Health/ Public Health a related field of study below:


Public Health Sciences Public Health
• Cannabis and Herbal Science
• Chemical and Bimolecular Technology in Health Sciences
• Workplace hygiene and safety
• Innovative health sciences and wellness
• Public Health Management
• Community and Reproductive Health
• Urban and Global Health
• Environmental and Occupational Health
• Health Behavior

Admission Deadline
March 31,2023 / March 29,2021 /April 30,2021/October 4,2021

April 10-11,2023 / April 9-10,2019 /May 3,2019/October 8,2019

Orientation Program
July 11 ,2023 / November 27-28 ,2019
First Registration and Orientation Program 
(First Registration payment must pay by cash only)Open trimester 

Apply Online (Now -Until March 31,2023)

*Download Application form

2023 Schedule!!
**Caution!! The Scholarship submission period (April 17-30, 2023 / May 15-30.2023)
 starts after CPHS announces the list of Applicant who pass the interview All of the early applications 
& applicants who not on our list will be automatically denied 


1.>> Download and submitted with all Application Material
via email/ Post Mail - Interview Period on Mar/April/Oct
(All year apply)
2.>> (Online system from Head Quater Feb -Mar)
Thai-Language System - Not Suggest for Foreigners!!

Upload CPHS Application form and All Application Material
(All year apply) Applicant must use Gmail address to register


    * CPHS will reply back only The applicant who passes the first screening of documents for an interview appointment


2/2023 Schedule!!