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Apply now Until  March 31, 2021,.

Due to Covid Crisis all around the world.  Its  very reasonable to decided to study in Public Health Field from CPHS Chulalongkorn university.  The Most important academic field every one needs right now 
Get chance to study at one of Top 50 (#45) in Asian University international ranked University, Chulalongkorn University Thailand for Master’s and Ph.D.’s Program in Public Health & Public Ref


The College of Public Health Sciences (CPHS), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand is very pleased to announce the offering of the international graduate studies: Master’s and Ph.D.’s degree programs in Public Health/ Public Health an related field of study belowed:

• Public Health Management
• Community and Reproductive Health
• Urban and Global Health
• Environmental and Occupational Health
• Health Behavior
• Herbal Sciences
• Biomolecular Technology

We offer Thesis research grant 20,000 baht per person supporting by chulalongkorn university
Subsidies 10,000 baht on Field Study aboard in Asian region Free 5-7 day field study in Thailand
non charge for proposal and thesis exam fee

Admission Deadline
March 31,2021 / March 29,2021 /April 30,2021/October 4,2021

April 5-6,2021 / April 9-10,2019 /May 3,2019/October 8,2019

Orientation Program
July 20-21 ,2021 / November 27-28 ,2019
First Registration and Orientation Program 
(First Registration payment must pay by cash only)Open trimester 

Apply Online (Now -Until March 31,2021)

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